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 Suggesting News Articles

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PostSubject: Suggesting News Articles   Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:20 pm

Mini Spies Forums
Suggesting News Articles

1. Simple suggestions

The first and easiest way you can submit your idea for a news article is to simply come and suggest it in this forum. For example, suppose you've just heard of a new spying technique that you think the rest of the mini spies forums members should hear about. The first thing you would do is start a new topic. Name your topic appropriately to the subject. Now say how you found out about this new technique and why you think it would make a great news article. Be sure you explain the topic in great detail, and if you have a link to a site or some other resource with more information you can post that. However, make sure that any site you post a link to does not contain content against the Mini Spies rules or else your post will be removed immediately, the idea will not be considered, and you may get a warning. If you're suggestion is accepted, an Administrator will create a News Article about your subject.

2. Full news articles

If you wish, you can write a full article yourself. This is not advised, because if you do this you will have to make sure the article has absolutely no grammar or spelling errors, and is News Articles forum quality. If you do decide to write the article yourself, you should try reading over similar articles in the News Articles forum first to get a feel for what kind of writing we are looking for. Do not be disappointed if your article is rejected. You can always try again another time and perhaps it will get accepted then. If you're article is accepted, it will simply be moved into the News Articles forums, meaning it will show up as if exactly like you posted it.

That's all! We appreciate your ideas for news articles, so please do post any you want to share.

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Suggesting News Articles
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