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 How to Post a Poll

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PostSubject: How to Post a Poll   Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:17 pm

Mini Spies Forums
How to Post a Poll

In this guide you will learn how to post a poll in a new topic on Mini Spies Forums and how to customize your poll to fit your needs.

1. Create a new topic

The first thing you need to do is create a new topic. Simply click the "New Topic" button in the forum you are posting your poll. Then start making a normal post only about your poll. Make the title something related the poll. Usually you would make this the poll question itself. Example: "What is your favorite thing about being a Mini Spy?" Then type content in the message body. Here you should put more details on what you are asking in the poll, if necessary, your thoughts on your poll, etc. It can be short or long. Whatever you want to say.

Where do I post my poll?

The best place to post your poll is in the Polls and Surveys forum. Most other forums will not allow you to start a poll.

What should my poll be about?

Your poll can be about anything you want as long as it follows all the site rules. However, Mini Spy related polls are appreciated the most. If you're poll is considered to off topic it may removed.

2. Create Poll Question and Options

Scroll down your page until you see "Add a Poll". Click the plus mark to the right side of the label if you don't see the poll options. Now type your question into the "Poll question" box. Under the Poll question there is another box where you can enter your Poll Options. Suppose your question was "What is your favorite food?" Then you might make the following as options: "Pizza, Ice Cream, Sandwich, Cheese, Salad, Other". Notice I added Other as an option. It is a good idea to add that if your question can have very many answers. To add your poll choices type in each choice and separate them with a line break. Like this:

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

3. Edit Your Other Options

There are three more options you can change for your poll. The first one is how long your poll will run. This is located under your poll options and you should see "Run poll for" then a number box and then "Days". For example, if you set the days to 7 then nobody will be able to to vote on your poll after 7 days. However, many days you set the box to is how many days members will be able to vote. However, if you set the box to zero your poll will run infinitely.

The next option is Multiple Choice. This is simple. Select Yes if you want your voters to be able to select more than one poll option. If set to No your voters will only be able to select one.

Your last option is Vote Cancelling. If you select Yes voters will be able to take away their votes and change their choices. The default is set to No.

Multiple choice or not?

This depends on the question your are answering. For example if your question was "Which of the following music styles do you listen to?" then you would want to select Yes for multiple choice so that voters could select all the options that applied. However, if your question was "Which of the following music styles is your favorite?" Then you want to select No for multiple choice.

That's it! All you have to do now is click Send and your poll will be posted.

Here are some picture examples of creating a poll and what it will look like finished:

Thanks for reading!

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How to Post a Poll
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